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Fairfield Homes

Fairfield Homes is a homebuilder that stands out in a crowded landscape of builders. At its helm is a former homebuilding exec who served one of the nation’s largest builders. Having built thousands of homes nationwide, EverBranded wondered why they chose to strike out on their own. The answer, they explained, was to leverage their knowledge/past experiences to build smarter homes that lived well and served the needs of real Chicagoland families.

Instead of a chest-thumping approach that trumpets a house’s benefits and features, EverBranded built a campaign that spoke to the reader’s hopes and dreams…including their deep desire for harmony in the home.

Fairfield was able to create homes for each family by listening to them first. They observed their interactions. They took notes on their daily lives and only then did their team begin to build. This made a big impression on the EverBranded team and we quickly went to work, creating a brand that reflected this simple, yet highly human approach.

Instead of the chest-thumping approach where a house’s benefits and features are trumpeted, we built a campaign (brochure and website) around the theme of “A Life Story.” The campaign talked about the underlying desire for harmony in the home and how authentic families inspired every detail in a Fairfield home.

Next, we looked at floor plans and home models available to prospective buyers. Existing homes were referred to with numbers or codes. This struck us as cold and institutional. EverBranded recommended naming home models with girls’ first names to add warmth and personality to the homes. Continuing this quest to make the homes more compelling, we elevated the architects who designed each home to celebrity status, similar to a designer of a clothing or jewelry line. Each architect was encouraged to briefly share their vision for the  home design. This small move transformed the rendering and floorplans from just ink on blueprint to a living, breathing entity.

Impact from the campaign was swift. Buyers began choosing Fairfield because they felt like Fairfield “got them” and was someone they could work with – and all of this was before they even met the Fairfield team!