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Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

Good News is a high impact, faith-based ministry that brings hope to inmates across the globe. EverBranded was asked to bring new life to Good News’ brand through its mailing campaign, website and promotional pieces. A quick inventory of its prior marketing efforts revealed a brand that looked tired, with somber colors and dated graphics.

EverBranded created empathy with donors & partners by connecting them to the simple, unfiltered stories of inmates and their families.

As it does with each client, EverBranded got to work, getting to know key details about Good News’ inner workings. We observed what made the organization tick. We saw who it impacted. We saw the difference its efforts made on inmates and families worldwide.

With an understanding of Good News’ secret sauce, our team conceived and executed a mailing campaign based around a theme of “Connections.” Empathy was created by connecting key donors and partners to the simplicity of the pure, unfiltered stories that came from inmates and their families. Friends of the ministry were connected with real needs within the ministry and were invited to give, pray and volunteer. The depth, breadth and high-level quality of the organization’s efforts were reflected in its newly conceived brand via brighter colors, fresher typography, authentic imagery and more compelling copy writing, too.