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Inspire Marketing

Inspire Marketing is a Marketer’s best friend. They are a smart, youthful company whose primary reason for being is to help marketing firms do more. Inspire does a lot of things. They create promotional marketing products. They set up and maintain e-commerce web stores. They warehouse their clients’  products and fulfill orders and manage inventory of those products. Inspire’s challenge to EverBranded was: “How do we package up the complex and varied things we do in a simple, easy to understand package?”

EverBranded turned Inspire’s complex bundle of services and offerings into a fresh, easy-to-understand brand.

Beginning with a half-day creative/market discovery session with Inspire’s leadership and “boots-on-the-ground” employees, we listened to them. We questioned them. We pulled insights from them that have never been pulled. Then, EverBranded drafted a Creative Brief detailing key items like Inspire’s core audience, key insights, differentiators, desires for the future and key details the world has yet to learn about them.

Fruits of the campaign beyond this Creative Brief included building out their corporate identity (all fonts, colors, visual style and photo content), a company tagline and an internal brand/core values display. The tour de force however was the Brandmart Video series. This fully-animated and narrated video duo was created from scratch at EverBranded. From script creation, talent casting and pre/post-production, EverBranded helped create one of Inspire’s pivotal marketing tools. A dimensional brochure with soft touch lamination and an auto play mechanism (functioned like a musical greeting card but with play/pause buttons) served as the perfect holder of the two dynamic videos below.