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Larsen Packaging

Larsen Packaging Products is a rapidly growing supplier of packaging products and solutions It has the key ingredients of a highly successful operation: a knowledgeable staff, a huge inventory of product offerings and best-of-breed operations. The only thing it lacked was the right marketing platform and message.

After closely collaborating with Larsen’s owner and namesake, Bill Larsen, EverBranded identified two core messages that would lead to Larsen’s emerging campaign: First was Larsen’s unique approach to the way they purchase, process and service the needs of their clients, and second, Larsen was not just a corrugated box seller; they provide over 20,000 products and services to their loyal clients.

EverBranded transformed Larsen into an active brand by shifting perception of the company as merely a supplier of packing products to a truly consultative resource who guides its clients to smarter products and ways of doing business.

To highlight the products Larsen sells, EverBranded developed a more creative way of telling its story. The approach? We turned the products Larsen sells (think boxes, tape, stretch film, etc.) into a series of action words. Each new action word was followed by “Smarter.” Headlines included: “Box Smarter,” “Tape Smarter,” “Ship Smarter” and several other variations.

Larsen had previously purchased a very small, ongoing ad space in Crain’s Chicago Business and they were able to use the space resourcefully. With the new ad series and its border-busting layouts, the ads virtually exploded off the page. Traditionally-bordered ads were replaced by invasive ad formats and other mediums as well.

A few months into the campaign, Larsen reported that they experienced greater visibility, several orders from new prospects, and orders of additional product lines from existing customers based on improved awareness. Enthusiasm for the new brand also helped energize the Larsen team and gave them a memorable brand messaging platform from which to sell.