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Sedera Health

Sedera Health was founded to provide an alternative solution to the biggest issues facing the American healthcare system: staggering costs and big inconsistencies in accessibility to quality healthcare.

Unlike traditional health insurance companies and their enlarged infrastructures and restrictive limitations on which healthcare providers can be accessed, Sedera relies sharing medical costs through a self-paying community, a common commitment to healthy living and the premise of a modest Initial Unsharable Amount: all of these features help eliminate the hassle of co-pays, big deductibles and the in-network/out-of-network dilemma many U.S. citizens face.

Sedera Health focuses on elevating the healthcare experience for every one of its customers and stakeholders. EverBranded helped it create a brand that reflected that enhanced experience and simplified the complexity of its brand experience.

When Sedera was able to meet face to face with business owners, benefits administrators and brokers, they found that explaining their non-traditional model was easier and made more sense. This was part of the problem. It took a face-to-face meeting to fully explain how their model worked.

While Sedera initially approached EverBranded to fix a dated, non-meaningful logo, EverBranded quickly helped Sedera identify that its marketing materials did little to help explain how its processes worked, nor did it convey the quality & simplicity of its story. EverBranded helped them build a logo as requested, but was then able to help them create a tagline, tradeshow materials, flagship brochures and sales sheets, pitch decks, case studies, print ads and now, explainer videos.