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Soraya For Governor

Soraya Diase Coffelt is a native of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Born to two small business owners whose second language was English, Soraya worked her way through the University of Texas at Austin, then through law school at Cornell University.

Above any of these accomplishments, Soraya is a passionate Virgin Islander at heart. More than anything, she wants to restore her birthplace to what it was before corruption and malaise set in. In short, as her slogan says, Soraya wants to “Put The People First.”

EverBranded was able to help Soraya create a one of a kind brand by identifying a simple truth: that Soraya isn’t just FROM the U.S. Virgin Islands. She IS The U.S. Virgin Islands.

Her challenge to EverBranded was an extremely interesting one: “Can you help me create a personal brand where I am the product and my vision, skills and passion are my differentiators?”

EverBranded sorted through numerous photos of the island’s beautiful surroundings, its people, its culture, its vibe and then, we got to work.

Our creative solution was a simple yet beautiful one based on a simple truth: Soraya isn’t just from the Virgin Islands. She IS The Virgin Islands! For her main logo, we used a bold, clean sans serif typeface for her name, then simply filled it with faces of islanders…white, black, young, old and all with hope and joy in their eyes. Soraya is filled with the hope of her people and so is her logo.

EverBranded’s involvement continues today in every facet of the campaign from photoshoot consultation and direction, billboards and displays, web site design and creative direction, social media graphics, mailers, copywriting, print ads and more.